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Mollusca: Dendronotus Frondosus (Sea Slug) preserved specimen

Mollusca: Dendronotus Frondosus (Sea Slug) preserved specimen.

This species has been found in the north-east (including Norway) and north-west Atlantic Ocean. Specimens from the Pacific Ocean have not been found to be distinct species. It is found from the east Siberian Sea to the Barents Sea. It is also found from Jan Mayen Island to the eastern coast of Greenland. Also found in Iceland, the Faeroes and Scandinavia. It has been found on the west Greenland coast, in northern Canadian coastal waters and as far as New Jersey along the eastern seaboard of American.

Sometimes called frond bushy backed nudibranch or eolis. Adults feed on gymnoblastic hydroids such as Tubularia indivisa and Tubularia larynx.

The price that is offered ($1.00 US) per specimen is a starting point. That offer makes sense if you can harvest a large amount of a specimen, preserve them, and send them to us with ease. At present, I have an order for 25 each. If I purchase 100, that would probably be 10 years supply, or more. I am willing to purchase 100 or more just to not have to spend weeks (during a particularly cold winter) trying to find a resource. I would consider more than 100, but not at 1.00 each.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 27 February, 2017.
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