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Arthropoda / Arachnida: Dermacentor andersoni male

Prepared microscope slide: Arthropoda: Dermacentor andersoni male adult, commonly known as the Rocky Mountain wood tick.

D. andersoni is a tick that is common in the Western United States where it is a parasite feeding on the blood of many mammals in the wild. They also infest domestic animals, particularly dogs. This tick is a vector of many different kinds of diseases. Potential bacterial infections include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis (both Human granulocytic and Human monocytic),and Boutonneuse fever among those caused by rickettsiales; Lyme disease and Relapsing fever from spirochaetes; Tularemia from thiotrichales. Viral infections include Colorado tick fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Heartland virus, Kyasanur forest disease, Powassan encephalitis, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, and Tick-borne encephalitis.. It is also a vector for the protozoan infection Babesiosis. Through the injection of a neurotoxin it can also cause Tick paralysis.

Phylum Arthropoda / Class Arachnida / Subclass Acari / Superorder Parasitiformes / Order Ixodida / Family Ixodidae / Genus Dermacentor / Species D. andersoni Binomial name Dermacentor andersoni Stiles, 1908

Forensics Lab Supply Number 3862432.

All images are at 40x. The main image is of the head of the male showing two of its eight legs. Two additional images proceed along the same side distally from the head.

Click here for a view of Dermacentor andersoni Male at 40x showing thorax where the second two of eight legs connect.

Click here for a view of Dermacentor andersoni Male at 40x showing posterior.

This slide was prepared by Ward’s Natural Science Establishment. From the quality of the work, and the general appearance, it is estimated to have been prepared prior to 1950.

This slide is placed here primarily so that everyone with an interest would be able to view it as though viewing through a microscope.

To purchase preserved marine specimens, CLICK HERE.

Image copyright held by Alan J. Pedersen.

Tags: whole mount = w.m. = w. m.; parasite

Not made in China.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 16 January, 2014.
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Arthropoda / Insecta: Atta (Leaf-cutter ant) queen pres. each
Arthropoda / Insecta: Atta (Leaf-cutter ant) queen pres. each