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Actinobacteria: Mycobacterium leprae wm

Prepared microscope slide: Actinobacteria : Mycobacterium leprae wm

Synonym: Hansenís coccus spirally. M. leprae is a bacterium that causes leprosy (Hansen's disease).

Kingdom: Bacteria / Phylum: Actinobacteria / Class: Actinobacteria / Order: Actinomycetales / Suborder: Corynebacterineae / Family: Mycobacteriaceae / Genus: Mycobacterium / Species: M. leprae

Forensics Lab Supply Number 3862402.

The main view is of Mycobacterium leprae whole mount at 400x. Two additional views are presented also at 400x. .

Click here for a second view of Mycobacterium leprae whole mount at 400x.

Click here for a third view of Mycobacterium leprae whole mount at 400x.

From the quality of the work and the general appearance, it is estimated to have been prepared prior to 1920 by an unknown individual in a university or medical school setting. However, the images represented here are insufficiently similar to the usual representation of the subject. A higher magnification or other techniques, such as darkfield or epi illumination, may be needed to bring the images out with clarity.

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This slide is placed here primarily so that everyone with an interest would be able to view it as though viewing through a microscope.

Image copyright held by Alan J. Pedersen.

Tags: whole mount = w.m. = w. m.; Prepared microscope slide; Prepared slide

Not made in China.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 December, 2013.
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