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Chordata: Aves Lymphatic Tissue Spleen x.s.

Prepared microscope slide. Bird spleen x.s

Kingdom: Animalia / Phylum: Chordata / Superclass: Tetrapoda / Clade: Eumaniraptora / Clade: Avialae (Gauthier, 1986) / Class: Aves (Linnaeus, 1758)

These prepared slides are of very high quality produced in the U.S. by Lee Gonzales, a licensed histologist. The attached image of bird spleen is of the slide that is being offered, at 400x.

A slide show presentation of various pathologies of birds that involve the spleen is presented from Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine HERE.

For information about the Accu-Scope 3012 Binocular Microscope with Achromat Objectives, click HERE.

Forensics Lab Supply Number 3862327.

Prepared slide.

"x.s." means "cross section".

Adenoid tissue is lymphoid tissue.

Adipose tissue is connective tissue made of fat cells in meshwork of areolar tissue.

Bony tissue is bone.

Brown adipose tissue is a thermogenic type of adipose tissue containing a dark pigment, and arising during embryonic life in certain specific areas in many mammals, including humans; it is prominent in the newborn.

Cancellous tissue is the spongy tissue of bone.

Cartilaginous tissue is the substance of cartilage. Sharks (chondrichthyes) differ from teleosts in that their bones consist of cartilage.

Chromaffin tissue a tissue composed largely of chromaffin cells, with many nerves and vessels and occuring in the adrenal medulla and also forms the paraganglia of the body.

Cicatricial tissue is the dense fibrous tissue forming a cicatrix or scar, derived directly from granulation tissue.

Connective tissue is the stromatous or nonparenchymatous tissue of the body and binds together and is the ground substance of the various parts and organs of the body.

Elastic tissue or yellow connective tissue is made up of yellow elastic fibers and frequently massed into sheets.

Endothelial tissue is the endothelium.

Epithelial tissue is the epithelium.

Erectile tissue is spongy tissue that expands and becomes hard when filled with blood.

Extracellular tissue is the sum total of tissues and body fluids outside of the cells.

Fatty tissue is adipose tissue.

Fibrous tissue is the common connective tissue of the body, composed of yellow or white parallel fibers.

Gelatinous tissue is mucous tissue.

Glandular tissue is an aggregation of epithelial cells that elaborate secretions.

Granulation tissue is the newly formed vascular tissue normally produced in healing of wounds of soft tissue, which proceeds to form a cicatrix, or scar.

Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is lymphoid tissue associated with the gut, i.e. the tonsils, Peyer's patches, lamina propria of the gastrointestinal tract, and appendices.

Indifferent tissue is undifferentiated embryonic tissue.

Interstitial tissue is connective tissue between the cellular elements of a structure.

Lymphadenoid tissue is tissue similar to that of lymph nodes, found in the spleen, bone marrow, tonsils, and other organs.

Lymphoid tissue is a latticework of reticular tissue, the interspaces of which contain lymphocytes.

Mesenchymal tissue is the mesenchyme.

Mucous tissue is a jellylike connective tissue, as occurs in the umbilical cord.

Muscle tissue is muscular tissue the substance of muscle, consisting of muscle fibers, muscle cells, connective tissue, and extracellular material. Myeloid tissue is red bone marrow.

Nerve tissue is nervous tissue the specializes tissue making up the central and peripheral nervous systems, consisting of neurons with their processes, and other specialized or supporting cells, and extracellular material.

Osseous tissue is the specialized tissue forming the bones.

Reticular tissue is reticulated tissue connective tissue consisting of reticular cells and fibers.

Scar tissue is cicatricial tissue.

Sclerous tissues is the cartilaginous, fibrous, and osseous tissue.

Skeletal tissue is the bony, ligamentous, fibrous, and cartilaginous tissue forming the skeleton and its attachments.

Subcutaneous tissue is the layer of loose connective tissue directly under the skin.

White adipose tissue okay yellow adipose tissue the adipose tissue comprising the bulk of the body fat.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 10 December, 2011.
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