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Indicator - Calcein

Calcein indicator.

Fluorescein–Methylene–Iminodiacetic Acid.

Calcein indicator for complexometry.

To make solution for determining total hardness due to Calcium (Ca++).

1 gram.

Forensics Lab Supply Number 0110307.

Formerly Grau-Hall Corporation dba Grau-Hall Scientific.

The quantity of 1 gram is offered for those who require only the least amount of an item, especially for mixing up a stock solution. If a greater amount is required, a lower price per gram can be worked out, depending upon available supply. Place an order for the number of grams that are needed, and add a note to contact you by email before processing an order so that a price may be agreed upon.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 March, 2010.
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1 x Annelida / Clitellata: Hirudo medicinalis (Medicinal Leech) pres
1 x Indicator - Dicyano-bis Iron
1 x Indicator - Bromocresol Green
1 x Microscope Slide - Concavity - Double
1 x Auxin - Indole-3-Propionic Acid
1 x An Illustrated Dissection Guide - The Frog
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 19mm #1 1-hole. Sold by each.
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 12mm #000 1-hole. Sold by pound.
1 x Burette Brush for 75ml/100ml. 5.25"x1.25" Bristle #1891
1 x Indicator - Clayton Yellow
1 x Actinobacteria: Tuberculosis in lung
1 x Basic Biology Prepared Assortment - 15 slides.
1 x Coverslips - Plastic 18mm x 18mm
1 x Babcock Milk Test Bottle Brush 3-1/2"x5/8" #1846
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 17mm #0 Solid. Sold by each.
1 x Indicator - Bromophenol Red
1 x Agglutination Tube Brush 4"x9/16" Horse Hair #1818
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 20mm #2 1-hole. Sold by pound.
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 15mm #00 1-hole. Sold by each.
1 x Arthropoda / Insecta: Tomato hornworm larva preserved each
1 x Centrifuge Tube Brush 3.5"x.5" to .8" - 15ml Hog Bristle #1851
1 x Beaker Brush 6"x2-3/8" to 2-7/8" Black Nylon #500
1 x Arthropoda / Insecta: Atta (Leaf-cutter ant) queen pres. each
1 x Arthropoda / Arachnida: Dermacentor andersoni female
1 x Indicator - Arsenazo III
1 x Dopant - Rubrene
1 x Microscope Slide - Concavity - Single
1 x Arthropoda / Arachnida: Demodex folliculorum w. m.
1 x Arthropoda / Arachnida: Tarantula Lycosa preserved specimen each
1 x An Illustrated Dissection Guide - Mammalian Brain
1 x Actinobacteria: Mycobacterium leprae wm
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 12mm #000 1-hole. Sold by each.
1 x Annelida / Polychaeta: Myxicola preserved specimen each
1 x Indicator - Calcon
1 x Arthropoda / Insecta: Lethocerus (Giant Electric Light Beetle) p
1 x Coverslips - Glass 25mm x 25mm
1 x Arthropoda / Insecta: Aedes aegypti male w.m.
1 x Black Rubber Stopper 17mm #0 1-hole. Sold by pound
1 x Babcock Milk Test Bottle Brush 3-1/4"x1-1/2" #1845
1 x Coverglass Forceps - Bent
1 x Coverslips - Plastic 22mm x 22mm
1 x Apicomplexa / Aconoidasida: Plasmodium ring stage
1 x Arthropoda / Arachnida: Demodex folliculorum in situ
1 x Arthropoda / Arachnida: Dermacentor andersoni nymph
1 x Annelida / Polychaeta: Glycera (Bloodworm or Beak thrower) prese

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Chordata / Ascidiacea: Golden Star Tunicate colony preserved eac