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Arthropoda / Insecta: Atta (Leaf-cutter ant) workers pres. /10

Leaf-cutter ant (Atta cephalotes) workers, preserved specimen. Phylum Arthropoda / Class Insecta / Order Hymenoptera / Family Formicidae / Genus Atta / Species Atta cephalotes - Leaf-cutter ant.

Three castes of leaf cutter ants exist: workers, females, and males. Males are winged and exist only to inseminate the queens. Leaf-cutters are extant in the floors of tropical rain forests. The portions of leaves that they gather are brought under ground and serve as a substrate upon which a fungus grows. It is the fungus that the ants consume.

Sold 10/set.

Forensics Lab Supply Number 9830420

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Preserved Insect Specimens

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HTS = 0511.91.00

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 March, 2010.
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1 x Scalpel Disposable #12 blade
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1 x Black Rubber Stopper 15mm #00 1-hole. Sold by pound.
1 x Gas Collecting Rubber Bulb 75cc 202-A-
1 x Chordata / Actinopterygii: Fish scale cycloid w.m.
1 x Tracheophyta: Pollen of Aubrieta
1 x Eye Dropper Rubber Bulb 1cc - 200-1B
1 x Tracheophyta: Pollen of Anemone japonica
1 x Lens - Glass - Double Concave 38mm d. 10cm f.l.

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