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Annelida / Clitellata: Placobdella ornata (Turtle Leech) preserv

Phylum Annelida / Class Clitellata / Subclass Hirudinea (Lamarck, 1818) / Infraclass Euhirudinea (Lukin, 1956) / Order Rhynchobdellida (Blanchard, 1894) / Family Glossiphoniidae (Vaillant, 1890) / Subfamily Glossiphoniinae (Autrum, 1939) / Genus Placobdella (Blanchard, 1893) / Species Placobdella ornata (Verrill, 1872) Turtle leech preserved specimen.

Sold in individually. If you require six or more of this specimen, a price reduction of 30% will be applied once we have processed the order internally.

The Turtle leech is similar in structure to the medicinal leech. The strategy of the turtle leech is to periodically attach itself to theshell of a turtle and to penetrate that shell with a sucking mechanism to extract blood upon which it lives.

Forensics Lab Supply Number 9600395.

Generally, our specimens are mailed to the customer in plastic bags with a small amount of holding solution. I would recommend that you accumulate some glass jars for displaying the annelids. Jam and jelly jars will do. Buy enough rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 70%) to cover the specimen in the jars. I often use jars with snap lids that I buy cheaply at yard sales. I have discovered recently that IKEA carries jars like that, but with silicone ring gaskets to seal the jar and lid. The other kind have a rubber gasket made by Ball and commonly available from stores carrying canning supplies. You might consider putting two or more different annelids in each jar to make comparison easier.


Preserved Biological Specimens

Preserved Specimens for sale.

HTS = 0511.91.00

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 March, 2010.
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Annelida / Polychaeta: Arenicola preserved each